Nigeria Market Case Study


  • Presence since 2010
  • Partnerships with 4 mobile operators
  • Access to 98% of all Nigerian mobile users
  • 48 million unique users engaged; 54% of total Nigerian mobile users
  • 17 million unique paying subscribers
  • 20 different products offered


Nigeria, with its 175 million population (50% of which is below the age of 15), its increasing mobile penetration rate and with a rapidly growing middle class, is a key flagship market for Upstream. Our deep integration with all key Mobile Operators, allows us to reach 98% of Nigerian mobile handset holders, out of which we have successfully engaged with 54%. In other words, more than 1 in 2 Nigerian mobile users have in some way interacted with our services – a pretty impressive achievement!

south_africa Market Case Study

South Africa

  • Presence since 2014
  • Partnerships with 2 mobile operators
  • Access to 72% of all South African mobile users
  • 6 million unique users engaged
  • 2 million unique paying subscribers
  • 12 different products offered


Upstream’s ability to swiftly and effectively establish its footprint in high growth markets is most evident in the case of South Africa. In less than 2 years of operations, we have already managed to engage 6 million South Africans (15% of the mobile handset holder base) and convert 2 million of them into paying subscribers. This has been achieved by successfully targeting the 2 largest operators and offering a series of services, ranging from a Video Portal to Language Learning lessons and from Marketing Promotions to Health services.

brasil Market Case Study


  • Presence since 2010
  • Partnerships with 4 mobile operators
  • Access to 98% of all Brazilian mobile users
  • 40 million unique users engaged; 35% of total Brazilian mobile users
  • 10 million unique paying subscribers
  • 17 different products offered


Brazil serves as an important pilot market for Upstream. Enjoying the highest mobile and smartphone penetration rates among all emerging markets, Brazil is the ideal market to test new, innovative products and services. A highlight of our presence to-date has been our delivery, in 2013, of the largest and most successful mobile marketing campaign ever undertaken in Brazil, winning the “Most Effective Sales Promotion / Direct Response Campaign” Award, at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs). 1 in 7 Brazilians chose to participate and play the game accompanying our promotion!


english_learning Product Case Study

Language Learning Service

  • Currently available in 15 countries
  • 11 million subscribers
  • 14 months average duration of the service
  • 3,000 different educational questions
  • Reaching 100% of the consumer base, regardless of device or internet access


Upstream’s Language Learning service is a fun and interactive offering, allowing users to learn a new language via SMS or Mobisite, depending on what best suits their mobile handset. Initially launched in SE Asia and, more specifically, in Vietnam, where it immediately proved a huge success, we now already offer the service in 15 countries. Subscribers build their knowledge and confidence in the language they choose, responding to engaging content, well-structured questions and progressing through varying levels, whilst earning points and prizes. The service was nominated for the 2016 Global Mobile Awards, in the category “Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets”.

video Product Case Study

Video Portal

  • 2.3 million total subscribers
  • Launched in 2 countries, Nigeria and South Africa
  • 5k new subscriptions every day on average
  • 49% conversion rate from the free to the premium leg of the service
  • 3 different pricing schemes depending on the degree of user engagement


Our Video Portal is an online video service, launched in 2015 in South Africa and Nigeria and already being consumed by more than 2 million subscribers. Users can access a range of premium video clips, spanning across categories such as entertainment, kids, lifestyle, and sports. The video content is carefully curated by Upstream, to ensure subscribers enjoy a personalised and valuable experience.