Subscribers are getting ever more attached to their mobile devices, which are becoming the main channel for them being entertained and staying on top of what is happening. Upstream’s range of mobile infotainment services addresses exactly this need.

Our Mobile Infotainment portfolio includes personalised news, financial and sports news, entertainment services like games, puzzles and quizzes, exclusive content about users’ favourite celebrities, contextual chat services and other bespoke services as per the needs and demands of each market. No matter the service, the below 2 key practices are followed:

  1. Services are delivered via multiple channels (text, web portal, app) in order to address the universe of users.
  2. Services are sufficiently ‘glocal’,  striking the optimal balance between being global and local.

Upstream’s end-to-end management of these services constitutes a valuable customer profiling tool. Through this process, Upstream defines user interests and behaviours and is able to serve its users better, while also identifying upselling opportunities, thereby further increasing user monetisation.

Take a look at our top infotainment services

Loop, exclusive access to top celebrities’ inner circle!

A unique service where stars share exclusive content for your users’ eyes only!


Infobites, the latest 24-hour news alerts!

Provides a daily dose of news, gossip and sports for mobile operator subscribers!

  • Infotainment services deployed in more than 30 countries through more than 40 operators.
  • More than 45 live services currently running around the globe.
  • Subscriber lifetime duration within each service is on average 12 months.
  • Successful upselling of additional services to more than 50% of engaged users.