Upstream is a mobile monetization powerhouse. Our MINT technology platform brings together insights from billions of mobile interactions, rich customer data and innovative engagement mechanics to deliver the highest mobile purchase rates in the industry.

We serve mobile operators in 40 markets, helping them to sell their own and 3rd party products and services to their subscribers, while deepening customer knowledge and increasing customer loyalty.

To date, Upstream has engaged 600 million consumers over mobile and converted 65 million of them into paying customers. Our carrier grade platform has securely managed more than 30 billion mobile interactions.

Today, we have direct marketing and billing access to over a billion consumers. As their needs evolve and new technologies emerge, we will continuously innovate to maximize mobile monetization.

Welcome to the Powerhouse
Mint Platform

Mint Platform

  • 1+bn consumers within reach
  • 160,000+ mobile campaigns executed
  • 40 countries and 23 languages covered
  • 600m consumers engaged
  • 65m paying customers converted
  • 30bn consumer interactions handled
Mobile Operator Partners

Mobile Operator Partners

  • 2/3rds of world’s largest mobile operator groups
  • $700m+ incremental revenues generated for our clients
  • 500%+ ROI through our mobile solutions over past 2 years
  • 93% of campaigns increase participant ARPU by over 10%
  • 99% of campaigns increase participant ARPU by over 5%
  • 1.5 months from contract to launch

Powering mobile monetization in emerging markets

Upstream operates globally, but is increasingly focused on the emerging market opportunity. In these fast-growth markets, mobile is the only medium that combines meaningful consumer interaction with payment capabilities at scale.

We have an unrivaled breadth of partnerships with emerging market mobile operators through our network spanning more than 40 markets and provides access to over a billion consumers.

Most importantly, our platform’s deep technical integration with mobile operators’ systems has solved the key challenges that have restricted e-commerce in emerging markets where:

  • Marketing channels are limited because fewer people have access to television or personal computers. Mobile is the leading marketing medium, and through mobile operators, we unlock a broad range of highly effective mobile marketing channels.
  • Credit and debit card penetration is low, but through mobile operators Upstream can directly bill mobile customers.
  • Customer data is hard to come by. Upstream can combine pre-existing mobile subscriber data with analytics from over 160,000 mobile campaigns.

Wherever you are, Upstream puts you on the fast-track to mobile monetization.

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