The mobile handset is a great enablement tool for consumers in high growth markets, constituting a key channel for accessing valuable services, difficult to be otherwise sourced in these markets.

Our Services via mobile portfolio includes Education, Health, Utilities and Tools, and Microinsurance services. In developed markets, these might be commodity services, however in developing markets, access to such services is limited.

– Our Education services include Language Learning courses (English, French and Spanish), aiming to teach users basic vocabulary and syntax.

– Our Health services include customised tips and alerts that are most relevant to each Region.

– Our Utilities and Tools services include mobile security and cloud storage solutions.

– Our Microinsurance services include Health and life insurance policies.

In typical Upstream fashion, all services are provided in what we call 0G to 4G formats (SMS, mobile website and App) to enable access to the universe of mobile phone users. Upstream enables the next 3 billion consumers to have direct access to the aforementioned services, thereby improving their quality of life.

Take a look at our top services via mobile

Cloudeasy, keeps all files in one safe place!

A subscription-based cloud storage service that allows users to backup all of their files!


CoverNow, one click insurance for all!

CoverNow, a subscription based health and life mobile micro-insurance service, partnered with the world’s leading insurance providers!

  • Services via mobile deployed in more than 21 countries and 29 operators.
  • More than 42 live services currently running around the globe.
  • Our Language Learning Service has historically enrolled 11 million subscribers across 15 markets, making it one of the leading language schools across the globe.
  • Our Health services have been used by more than 12 million subscribers.