The abundance of digital content and services makes it impossible for the average mobile user to track the most relevant and valuable digital experiences. Upstream’s curated stores and portals offer a broad range of pre-selected, high-quality titles and content over mobile, which are increasingly gaining traction in emerging markets.

Upstream’s portfolio includes 3 kinds of curated environments.

Application Stores, containing premium, popular titles, along with less known titles of great quality and value for users to explore.

Game Portals, operating through a mobile sites to accommodate non-smartphone users, including titles such as Tap the Frog, Cut the Rope, Bubble Shooter, et al.

Video Portals, providing access to high-quality entertainment, education, and sports media content.

Our stores and portals adapt to the technology standards of each user (handset technology, network quality) to offer the optimal experience, even for earlier technology mobile handsets (non-smartphones) operating in low-bandwidth environments.

Take a look at our latest Stores/Portals offerings

Appspack – A premium apps club for mobile operator subscribers!

Appspack offers access to 400+ cherry-picked apps and games from top developers!


Gamedom – One portal. One subscription. 200+ games. Any device.

A subscription based gaming portal, with top quality HTML5 & Java games!

  • Our stores and portals have over 3 million active subscribers
  • ~10,000 single content items from 1,000+ publishers offered through our curated environments