Upstream is a leading mobile commerce platform, accelerating m-commerce for consumers in high growth markets. Our MINT 2.0 technology platform brings together insights from billions of mobile interactions, rich customer data and innovative engagement tools to deliver the highest mobile purchase rates in the industry.

We reach more than one billion consumers in high growth markets, through our marketing and billing integration with more than 60 mobile operators in 45+ markets across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, CIS and South-East Asia. We select high-value digital services, adapt them to local market specificities, market them through digital and operator channels and monetise them through our direct carrier billing capabilities.

In 2016 alone, Upstream’s reach amounted to 1.2 billion consumers out of which 80 million were converted into paying customers, typically through a subscription micro-payment model.

Welcome to Upstream
Mint 2.0 Platform

Mint 2.0 Platform

  • 1.2 billion consumers within reach
  • 45+ countries and more than 25 languages covered
  • 600 million consumers engaged
  • 80 million paying subscribers converted
  • 10 billion consumer interactions handled per year
Mobile Operator Partners

Mobile Operator Partners

  • 60+ mobile operator partnerships
  • > $1 billion incremental revenues generated for our partners
  • > 500% ROI through our mobile solutions over the past 4 years
  • 93% of campaigns increase participant ARPU by over 10%
  • 99% of campaigns increase participant ARPU by over 5%

Accelerating mobile commerce in emerging markets

We focus on overcoming the two main challenges digital consumers encounter in high growth markets: scarcity of locally relevant services and inability to pay for unbanked people.

For a service to be relevant, it needs to be:

Valuable to people living in a particular region or country. That’s why we always source local content and localise global services.
Affordable to people with annual incomes that are on average 87% lower compared to those in developed markets. We price services in line with local conditions and offer them through subscriptions with regular micro-payments.
Easily accessible to populations with mobile devices and network access that range from the very basic to the most sophisticated. We are committed to what we call a 0G-4G approach, so that everyone can receive the services that match their capabilities.

However, relevance can drive engagement only if people have the ability to purchase the goods and services they desire. 80% of people in high growth markets are unbanked. At Upstream, we have spent the past 10 years deeply integrating with mobile operators’ billing systems to ensure that almost everyone is able to pay through their phones.

For mobile operators we are a strong partner that leverages their assets to become key players in the mobile commerce space.

For developers, publishers and service providers we offer a shortcut to the next 3 billion consumers.