Digital services can easily get lost amongst thousands of similar offerings. Google Play alone boasts more than 2 million applications available to download. Upstream’s model is quite different: we leverage our network of mobile operator partners in emerging markets to provide developers, service providers and publishers with fast-track access to 1.2 billion consumers across more than 45 countries.

Through mobile operators, we have solved the marketing and billing challenges that have restricted m-commerce in emerging markets, where traditional marketing channels are limited, customer data is hard to come by, and credit and debit card penetration is low.

We work directly with developers, service providers and publishers to select and proactively market services and apps that target specific regions and customer groups. And we combine mobile operators’ marketing muscle with the principles we’ve learned from more than 10 billion mobile interactions per year, to achieve the best purchase rates in the industry.

Upstream’s presence in emerging markets is unparalleled, reaching more than 1.2 billion consumers. We provide a ‘shortcut’ to any developer, service provider or publisher wishing to export their offering to these high growth markets.