Upstream in the news, and media interviews with our executive team.

  • Dec 2011

    Gaming for Talent

    Guy Krief, Senior Vice-President of Innovation describes how The Upstream Challenge attracts candidates who might have all the right skills but who aren’t attracted by traditional recruitment postings. “Our hope is that this type of engagement will attract a wide range of talent. It’s been said that you can learn more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation, so it’s going to be fascinating to see the results”.

  • Nov 2011

    What The Legacy Of Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Marketing Innovation

    The latest Upstream research amongst UK marketers shows that an overwhelming 87% are planning on increasing investment in marketing technologies over the next twelve months, prompting journalist Claire Weekes to ask: “Who will follow in Steve Jobs’ footsteps and emerge as the next icon in our digital marketing world?”

  • Nov 2011

    Upstream President Marco Veremis Celebrates Excellence in Mobile Marketing

    As sponsor of Mobile Marketing Magazine’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, Upstream has strongly held views about how to put the best marketing technology together with effective consumer engagement and revenue-generation strategies to create compelling campaigns. Marco Veremis outlines his vision of the future for mobile marketing.

  • Nov 2011

    Upstream Wins 2011 Mobile Marketing Association Award for TIM Brasil Campaigns

    Upstream Head of Latin America, Diego Benavides, celebrates the company’s success at the prestigious MMA Awards, held in LA. “To be acknowledged by the MMA and know that our mobile marketing campaigns for TIM Brasil have generated record levels of engagement and response is very rewarding.” Upstream’s clients in Latin America include Personal in Argentina and Comcel in Colombia.

  • Sep 2011

    Rio de Janeiro Gets an Upstream Office

    Global mobile marketing technology and solutions provider, Upstream has opened a new regional headquarters in Brazil’s to meet the demands of Latin American carriers and brands for mobile marketing campaigns.

  • Sep 2011

    How to Generate 87 million dollars with No Upfront Investment

    TeleSemana interviews Upstream’s Diego Benavides, VP for Latin America, about how the company aims to help Latin American carriers generate an extra 87 million dollars by communicating better with their customers.

  • Aug 2011

    Research: Personalization is the Key

    Upstream latest research into North American consumer attitudes to mobile marketing sheds new light on the irrelevance of location-based services in mobile advertising and the important role that consumers assign to personalization of any mobile marketing and their ready acceptance of text messaging.

  • Aug 2011

    Mobile Users’ Interests Trump Location for Ads

    Upstream’s Assaf Baciu describes how, despite the hype around location-based mobile advertising and offers, consumers are four times more likely to respond to a mobile ad that reflects their interests vs. one that only takes into account their location.

  • Jul 2011

    Upstream Drops Anchor in Silicon Valley

    Upstream sets-up its U.S. headquarters in the global technology hub of Silicon Valley as part of its strategic drive for growth, making its proven mobile marketing technology and solutions available to U.S. brands and carriers.

  • Jun 2011

    5 Must-have Mobile Metrics

    The mobile phone is possibly the most potent, direct-marketing-response device ever created, but it is also the most personal. CEO Alex Vratskides describes the steps every carrier marketer needs to take to avoid over-exposing their subscribers to marketing messages.

  • Jun 2011

    Smartphone users prefer SMS offers: infographic

    According this Upstream research infographic, despite the variety of mobile marketing techniques available, it seems that SMS is still effective, with 75% of respondents preferring to receive offers through this channel, compared with mobile internet (15%) and in-app ads (10%).

  • May 2011

    Upstream Targets Middle East with Dubai Office Opening

    Mobile marketing specialist opens Middle East regional headquarters in Dubai to bring its innovative mobile marketing techniques and technology to the marketplace.

  • May 2011

    Upstream Adds Intelligent Gamification to its Operator Portfolio

    Guy Krief, VP of Innovation talks through the latest real-time gamification techniques for mobile and how mobile operators, such as Telecom Italia are working with Upstream to reward and engage their subscribers.

  • Feb 2011

    Change of Channel: Smartphones Become The New Ad Platform

    Mobile advertising is gaining momentum, but which companies are generating real incremental revenues and the best response rates? Marco Veremis outlines how Upstream is delivering both revenue and response to its customers.

  • Feb 2011

    Upstream quoted in The Telegraph discussing the mobile advertising practices by Apple and Google

    Upstream CEO, Alex Vratskides, describes the essential considerations mobile marketers need to take to avoid irritating the customers they are trying to influence.

  • Feb 2011

    Marco Veremis, Upstream President, talks to BBC during the Mobile World Congress 2011 about the future of mobile marketing and how to switch consumers on

    Marco Veremis, Upstream President, talks to the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones about where mobile marketing is heading and how to make it effective.