We commission original research to help guide our own product roadmap and better serve our partners.

  • May 2019


    SUMMARY Upstream’s security lab, Secure-D, has unveiled that popular video Android application VidMate, with over 500 million downloads, triggers suspicious background activity. A hidden component within the app delivers invisible ads, generates fake clicks and purchases, installs other suspicious apps without consent and collects personal users’ information. Consequently, it depletes users’ data allowance and brings […]

  • Jan 2019

    Secure-D uncovers pre-installed suspicious application on Alcatel Android smartphones manufactured by TCL

    THE ISSUE IN SUMMARY An unusually high number of transaction attempts encountered by Secure-D in Brazil and Malaysia coming from a series of Alcatel Android smartphone models Pixi 4 and A3 Max, led our analysts to investigate deeper. In doing so we identified that a pre-installed Weather forecast application, siphons a lot of data and […]

  • Jul 2018

    Low-end Android smartphones sold with pre-installed malicious software in emerging markets

    Smartphone penetration and mobile internet connectivity are rapidly growing in emerging markets, empowering consumers and granting them access to knowledge. Across multiple countries and on a large scale, it seems that low-cost Android smartphones are being sold with pre-installed malicious software designed to commit digital advertising fraud. For the unsuspecting users of these smartphones, it […]

  • Jan 2018

    Mobile Security in Emerging Markets (Infographic)

    The increasing penetration of mobile and smartphones is enabling consumers in emerging markets to connect to the world and the internet. Yet, at the same time, consumers’ devices are increasingly becoming the targets of malware attacks. The 2017 Emerging Markets Digital Services report, commissioned by Upstream and conducted by Ovum, reveals that cybersecurity is a […]

  • Jul 2017

    2017 Emerging Markets Digital Services report

    For this year’s report, Upstream commissioned Ovum to conduct research into consumer attitudes towards digital services and digital service providers, particularly mobile operators, in emerging markets. The research findings reveal how consumers in developing markets use digital services, exploring the positive and negative aspects related to marketing techniques, relevance of content, affordability and user experience. Overall, the […]

  • Feb 2016

    2016 Mobile Commerce Market Research

    The research was carried out by YouGov Plc. on behalf of Upstream, and was based on a survey of 5,215 consumers in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa. The survey sample was age and gender representative of each of the markets covered. The survey fieldwork was carried out in January 2016. We researched consumers […]

  • Apr 2014


    The ’Next Mobile Frontier Report’ is a custom consumer study led by Ovum on behalf of Upstream. The survey covered 4,504 consumers, with nationally representative samples in Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and Vietnam. The survey indicated the mobile industry still has substantial room to improve its content proposition in the emerging markets. Pricing remains the […]

  • Jan 2014

    2013 Cracking The Emerging Markets Report

    With the developing world identified as home to the fastest growing mobile connections, a new report warns brands and businesses not to take a ‘one size fits all’ mobile advertising approach to emerging market consumers. Instead, companies must take into account factors such as time of day, days of the week and the specific words […]

  • Mar 2013

    2013 Emerging Markets Mobile Attitudes Report

    An independent poll of a 3500+ adult total sample size in Brazil, India, KSA, Nigeria, UK and US was conducted by YouGov & Vanson Bourne on behalf of Upstream to deliver insights into the differences between mobile consumers in emerging and developed markets. This new report points to mobile network operators as the new “kingmakers” in emerging markets, as smartphone giants adapt their strategies and handset functionality to target “the next billion customers” in these regions.

  • Feb 2012

    2012 Digital Advertising Attitude Report / The Consequences of Digital Ad Bombardment

    An independent poll of 2,054 (UK) and 2,105 (U.S.) adults was conducted by YouGov on behalf of Upstream to deliver insights into how best to communicate with consumers in a crowded digital landscape. This report focuses on the behaviours and attitudes of the digitally empowered consumer and investigates which marketing methods, channels and devices elicit […]

  • Aug 2011

    2011 North American Consumer Attitudes to Mobile Marketing

    This study was conducted by Luth Research through an independent poll of 2,007 adults in the U.S. This research investigates the importance of location and personalization in mobile marketing and focuses on the types of mobile advertising, offers, coupons and mobile format that consumers prefer to receive. It also offers insightful findings on which is […]

  • Feb 2011

    2011 Mobile Marketing Consumer Attitude Report

    This research was commissioned to establish the formats and channels through which consumers want and expect to receive marketing messages on their mobile devices. The report also provides valuable insight into the particular kind of marketing consumers would be happy to receive on their mobiles. The results of this report were based on an independent […]