Delivering valuable, relevant and affordable digital experiences and services to the next 3 billion consumers over mobile.

As mobile technology evolves, we will continue to innovate with new solutions and our scalable m-commerce platform will move with and ahead of the times. Across all offerings, Upstream provides end-to-end mobile solutions such as:

localisationLocalisation: There is a vast universe of services being offered through mobile. As an example, Google’s Play Store for Android apps offers over 2.7 million apps (as of February 2017), on top of other premium digital content like music, movies & series, e-books. Within such a universe, it is impossible for users to navigate and track the most valuable services. Upstream undertakes the task, sourcing from international and local service providers the most valuable, relevant and affordable services across the categories it focuses on, adapting them to meet local consumer needs.


mint2Customer Acquisition: Upstream’s ‘secret sauce’ lies in its marketing capacity, allowing it to maximise user recruitment and conversion to paid users, whilst guarding the customer experience. In terms of recruitment channels, Upstream has vast expertise in managing and optimising across 25+ channels -both operator channels (SMS, top-up notifications, call centres, websites, et al.) and other digital channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google Display Network, etc.). In terms of promotional capacity, Upstream has made a science out of testing and optimising across different promotional tools (Freemium, Free Trials, Prizes, etc.), being able to promote differently per user, even within the same campaign, to optimise recruitment and conversion.


mint2Service Delivery: Upstream, addressing the technology shortcomings of growth economies, while also preparing for these markets’ technological convergence, provides its offerings in what we call 0G to 4G formats, thereby reaching all consumers regardless of device or internet access. Irrespective of whether the offering relates to infotainment, financial or education services, its content can be consumed via text (SMS), mobile internet (mobile website) or data-rich channels (app), so that it can reach the universe of growth market consumers.


paymentPayment: Across all product categories and bundles, Upstream defines the appropriate business model (subscription, one-off, in-app purchase, etc.), the right price, the optimal frequency of charging and implements all of the above through its MINT 2.0 Billing platform, which achieves maximum monetisation rates, leveraging its integration with 60+ mobile operators’ billing platforms.


subscription-managementSubscription Management : Upstream’s extensive experience in servicing consumers over mobile in 45+ high growth markets has demonstrated that subscription-based business models are the most fitting to these markets, especially when coupled with micro-payments, which allow for maximum affordability. Hence, Upstream has developed a thorough end-to-end subscription management platform, allowing the setup of multiple subscription patterns for the same service (daily, weekly, monthly, custom) at different price points. Upstream’s platform handles the lifetime management of subscribers, from enrolment to termination, ensuring a user friendly subscription journey and maximum retention rates.


data  DATA:

All of the above are made possible through the extensive use of data. Upstream collects information from more than 10 billion mobile interactions annually, providing unparalleled insights for better customer segmentation, campaign targeting and billing.

Our current flagship offerings that have proven high purchase rates and unparalleled satisfaction rates include: