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Upstream CEO Stands Out As A Role Model Entrepreneur Among Global Leaders of Major Tech Brands

London, UK – December 7th 2015 – Upstream’s CEO and Co-founder, Marco Veremis, shines as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and young university students for his leadership in business and vision in guiding Upstream to be the leading end-to-end m-commerce platform for delivering digital goods in more than 50 markets across Latin America, Africa and South East Asia. Veremis was recognized as top of the mind business man among CEO’s of some of the world’s largest tech brands such as founder of Facebook and the late Steve Jobs, father of Apple.

This findings is among the conclusions that stand out from the recent study conducted by EY, the Athens University of Economics and Business, Endeavor Greece and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. The survey “A youth perspective on entrepreneurship: Something is changing”, which covered 2,222 students enrolled in more than 30 Institutions of Higher Education was presented during the 26th annual The Greek Economy Conference organized by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

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The research results suggest that a growing current supporting entrepreneurship is taking root in Greek universities, one where despite an environment of limited resources new approaches can support the transition to a sustainable growth model. View the infographic of the survey results.

About Endeavor Greece

Endeavor is an international non-profit organization which promotes High-Impact Entrepreneurs supported by some of the most prominent business leaders and investors globally. Through its affiliates in 25 countries, Endeavor identifies the best entrepreneurs that lead innovative scale-up companies across sectors and helps them unleash their potential with an unrivaled network of seasoned business leaders and investors, who provide strategic advice, networking, access to markets and investors.

These High-Impact Entrepreneurs, with Endeavor’s support, lead job creation and wealth generation internationally and become leading role models. Since 1997, the 1,000+ Endeavor Entrepreneurs selected globally have created more than 500,000 jobs and generated over $8billion in revenues in 2014.

Endeavor launched its first European operations in Greece in September 2012.




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