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Upstream mobilises fans of top rating Mexican Telenovela

London, UK— April 10, 2010—Upstream, one of the world’s leading mobile marketing solutions providers, (www.upstreamsystems.com) has completed another successful campaign for Mexico’s leading broadcaster, Televisa Mexico, by engaging the fan base of their record breaking soap opera or ‘Telenovela’, Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe (Until Money Do Us Apart).

Upstream’s 63 day El Arrancon Milionario campaign recruited over 250 thousand participants and boosted revenues for the Latin American broadcaster and network operators involved. Carefully crafted text messages featuring novela-specific trivia, garnered strong audience participation over the course of the campaign. Prizes included daily cash draws of $25,000 MXN Pesos and weekly draws to win a Ford Escape. The weekly draws were broadcasted live before episodes of Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe to create a buzz around the competition. Upstream’s sophisticated technology platform simultaneously mobilised the campaign with all four of Mexico’s telecom networks Telcel, Movistar, Lusacell and Nextel.

“Thousands of Mexicans tune in eagerly to watch Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe every day and so we knew it was important for us to create a mobile promotion that matched and engaged that level of excitement for viewers. Playrates were significantly higher while the programme was being aired”

“SMS is a powerful tool for broadcasters to interact with and reward their viewers if it is applied intelligently and delivered with highly personalised precision. Upstream delivered winning results by boosting ratings and brand loyalty for Televisa and the four mobile operators involved”, said Maria Flores, Head of Business Planning at Upstream.

This is the second campaign Upstream has delivered for Televisa Mexico. In 2007, Upstream designed and executed the record-breaking Anniversary campaign with tremendous success for the broadcaster.
“Results were extremely positive: recruitment was the highest ever in Mexico. Upstream undertook all operational matters of the promotion, from developing a unique game design and technical implementation, to copywriting and the day-to-day management of interactivity…All the objectives of the promotion were above expectations”, said Eugenio Velasco Kirschner, Mobile Services Director, of Televisa Mexico.The Televisa Group is one of the leading television broadcasting conglomerates in Latin America.



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