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Are you a Computer Science graduate and want to kickstart your career with us? Join our unique 12 month paid internship program for DevOps Engineers and become one of the best.
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Starting at Upstream

Our Graduate Program

Are you a software engineer fresh out of university or finishing off your studies? Are you ready to take the next step in your career working as a DevOps Engineer? Check out how you can jumpstart your future in the world of Cloud Engineering by learning and working along with some of the best in the field.
The journey

12 months of deployments

A learning selection process

For us the journey is equally important and we want to give you a glimpse of life and work as a DevOps Engineer at Upstream even during the selection process.

The Bootcamp

If you are among the top ones out of the selection process, congrats, you embark on a journey like no other. Its first part is an one-month intensive training on cutting-edge and up-to-date technologies within our own cloud platform that solves real computing problems and things you definitely haven't' learned at university.

Joining the teams at work

After the bootcamp you join the ranks. For eleven months you become an integral part of our Cloud Platform Engineering team, hard at work in monitoring company products and providing solutions.

Mentoring & feedback

You will be assigned a mentor, an experienced DevOps engineer from Upstream who will guide you through your residency, give you valuable feedback and advise every step of the way. Doesn’t get better than this.

Staying with Upstream

Upon completion of the program you will have the chance to join the Upstream DevOps gang depending on how well you have done in the 12 months as a trainee and as long as relevant positions are available.

Why Upstream?

Building the digital future

We are a leader in mobile marketing, providing innovative solutions that speak to 1.2 billion consumers. In an ever-increasing digital world we help some of the biggest brands in telco, FMCG, retail and other industries grow their digital reach in the most promising markets in the world.

Our engineers, some of the best in the market, are at the heart of this, designing tools and digital journeys for an omnichannel performance marketing approach like no other while playing with the best technology out there.

Where you come in

A graduate fit for Upstream

You have a degree in Computer Science, IT or related discipline or are a certified geek. You want to apply what you have learned in action, master Code Versioning Tools (GIT), play well in a team and want to grow to your full potential. If you want to apply yourself for a whole year learning, working as a Cloud Platform Engineer and getting paid at the same time then this program is for you.
    Living the Start at Upstream life
    Start at Upstream has been an amazing experience. I found an excellent environment to express myself and grow as a person. I learned new hot technologies and collaborated with great people. It wasn’t an easy journey, but after two years with Upstream, I wouldn’t change anything.
    Andreas Dedousis, Software Engineer
    Living the Start at Upstream life
    Working at Upstream as DevOps engineer has been both challenging and rewarding. Although, in the beginning I felt overwhelmed with all the new things I had to learn, Upstream's vibrant community and the opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies have been the perfect framework for me to get motivated, improve my mindset and find my way through the DevOps ecosystem.
    Vivi Souli, Cloud Platform Engineer
    Living the Start at Upstream life
    The first two months of training were like being back to university but on steroids. Never before have I learned so much on such a short while. I don’t think there’s a similar graduate program out there. People would pay a lot for such a kind of training!
    Timos Polemitis, Software Engineer
    Living the Start at Upstream life
    Start at Upstream is a 360 experience. From the theoretical training in the Bootcamp to solving bugs in applications that are used by millions of people around the world, it's been challenging and exciting enough, even during the first two months.
    Haris Livieratos, Software Engineer Intern
    Living the Start at Upstream life
    Upstream gave us the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technologies and use them in day-to-day challenges software engineers come across and have to deal with. Delving deeper into these particular technologies with a hands-on approach, we were able to acquire the know-how, something that I really needed, but didn't get a chance to do at the university.
    Savvas Aravantinos, Software Engineer Intern
    Living the Start at Upstream life
    In my experience, teamwork and an ever growing mindset are at the core of Upstream's culture and work ethic. To this day I pretty much have never felt lost, even though I am constantly learning and using new skills and technologies. Teammates and mentors are always happy to make time to answer my questions and offer guidance.
    Elias Magginas, Software Engineer Intern
    Living the Start at Upstream life
    There is no better word to describe the people in Upstream and mostly its engineering team, than "family". I am still amazed at how colleagues are communicating and caring for each other. Here, every happy moment or even a bitter-sweet occasion, can be a good reason for getting together.
    George Zindros, Software Engineer

Frequently asked questions

Here's all you need to know for the Start at Upstream program and how you can join to start making mobile marketing magic with us.

Can I apply for the DevOps Graduate Program, if my experience is on a different field of the software lifecycle (e.g. Developer, System Engineer, QA, etc.)?

Yes. No specific experience is required in order to apply. The prerequisites are those mentioned in the relevant section. Please note though that this program aims for a DevOps carrier path.

What are the prerequisites to be considered for a place at Start at Upstream?

You need to have a degree in Computer Science, IT or a related discipline. No work experience or Master’s degree is required. You can check the full requirements in the job posting here

I still have to complete a few courses before I graduate my bachelor’s degree. Can I still be considered?

You can apply by sending us your CV, but priority will be given to applicants who have finished their studies.

I don’t have a Master’s degree. Can I participate in the program?

Yes. A Bachelor’s in Computer Science or a related discipline is enough.

I don’t have a Greek citizenship. Can I still apply?

Yes. You just need to be able to work in Greece.

Is there an age limit for the participants?

No, not at all. The program is addressed to people either fresh out of university or who are starting into software development after a career change. Age is not a factor.

I already have 2 - 3 years of work experience. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. However, you will have to attend every part of the training, even if you are already familiar with a topic.

Is proficiency in any foreign language required?

Upstream’s people and clients are diverse and multinational. English is the language we use in all our coms, so proficiency in both oral and written English is a must.

I don’t speak Greek. Can I apply?

Yes. You just need to have an acceptable level of proficiency in English according to the company’s standards.

How can I apply?

By uploading your CV on the job posting’s website. For more info, contact

Is it enough to send you my CV?

Yes. After that, we will contact you regarding the next steps.

What are the stages of the selection process?

After we receive and evaluate your CV, we will contact you regarding the next steps. These include:
● An online psychometric test, which lasts 1 hour.
● An online technical assessment, which lasts 60 minutes.
● An interview with someone from the technical team.

How will I learn if you choose me?

We will contact you in any case, whether you are selected or not.

Will all applicants be informed if they have been selected or not?

Yes, we will make sure you know what has happened with your application.

If I get selected on what kind of contract will I be hired?

You will be hired on a 1-year contract.

Where are the premises of the company? Where am I going to work?

Our Athens office is in Gerakas, where our R&D center is based. The office is near the metro station “Pallini”. You will normally be expected to work from the office on a daily basis, however, due to Covid-19 restrictions, a rotational office attendance setup (combined with our work-from-home policy) is currently in place.

When am I going to start working?

If you are among the successful applicants, you will start working in May 2022.

I haven’t yet fulfilled my military obligations. Can I apply?

Yes. Having fulfilled your military obligations isn’t a requirement. However, you shouldn’t perform your military obligations during the program.

What is the salary for the selected participants of the program?

The program offers a paid internship with a competitive salary and benefits package, such as private insurance, e-pass for those who use a car or an unlimited transport card for those using public transport.

What other benefits does the company offer?

The capability of working from home, online gym classes twice a week, a gym within our premises, massage sessions (COVID-19 permitting) and more.

What will my training program include?

The program starts with a 1-month intensive training schedule deep-diving into a wide variety of software development topics, from basic to advanced (e.g. Virtualization, Kubernetes, Containers, Networking, Linux, Python/ Golang, CI/CD, etc.). For the rest of the 12-month period, trainees learn on-the-job while working on our actual products, always receiving continuous mentorship by our highly experienced technical leads.

Will I have a mentor?

Yes, in the beginning of the program every participant will be assigned a mentor who will guide them throughout the duration of the program.

How many trainees are you going to keep after the program ends and based on what criteria?

Upstream is willing to hire some of the trainees after the end of the program. The number will depend on the performance of the participants and the needs of the company at the time.