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Dezembro 14, 2015

Upstream CEO Stands Out As A Role Model Entrepreneur Among Global Leaders of Major Tech Brands

Upstream’s CEO and Co-founder, Marco Veremis, shines as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and young university students for...

Dezembro 01, 2015

Upstream Named Vendor to Watch in “Marketing Trends: Direct CSP Billing Worldwide, 2015” Gartner Report

Upstream, the leading mobile commerce provider for digital goods and services in high growth markets, has been named a mobile vendor...

Novembro 14, 2015

Upstream Celebrates Innovation with Hackathon 2015

The 2nd Hackathon in Upstream’s history concluded in a celebration of innovation with a wealth of impressive prototypes and solutions...

Novembro 03, 2015

Veremis, Upstream CEO, attends "Stream 2015" and highlights how to be relevant in developing markets

Marco Veremis, CEO and Co-Founder of Upstream, the leading end-to-end m-commerce platform for delivering digital goods, attended "Stream 2015"...

Julho 09, 2015

GSMA rewards Upstream for low carbon footprint at Mobile World Congress with coveted Green Stand Award

Upstream,the leading end-to-end m-commerce provider for subscription-based digital services in developing markets, has won the GSMA’s first ever Green Stand Award...

Junho 03, 2015


Marco Veremis, Co-Founder and CEO of the leading m-commerce provider Upstream - will participate in the “Power of Three - how entrepreneurs...

Março 15, 2015

Upstream concludes another successful Mobile World Congress

Mobile payment adoption was a dominant issue of discussion amongst industry players at Mobile World Congress 2015...

Fevereiro 27, 2015

Upstream sheds light on mCommerce revolution in growth markets at Mobile World Congress

Upstream, the leading subscription platform for growth markets, will be returning to Mobile World Congress for the 6th consecutive year...

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