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Accelerating digital growth is more urgent than ever

With more and more consumers shifting their buying habits online, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing digital trends to move even faster. Digital transactions are the new norm and consumer habits are expected to change permanently going forward. Your customers today have much higher expectations for a personalized and seamless user experience across multiple digital channels.

Instore Visits vs. Online Sales

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Whether you are new to digital sales or want to optimize your current digital channels Upstream can help you unlock the full monetization potential of digital accelerating customer activations as well as up-selling and cross-selling to your customer base

Unparalleled campaign
management expertise

Combining our expertise and technology to shape 360 personalized user journeys to maximize conversions

Best mix of traditional
and new channels

Use of an omni channel approach maximizing results with minimum touch points to improve your sales performance

End-to end scientific

From optimizing the UX flow to finding the best channel mix for maximum engagement or improving the content of the message our technology & testing techniques are foolproof

working with
mobile operators
less than
quick & flexible
No CapEx/OpEx
Based on Success

Success Story

Brazilian operator success story

Digital sales boost for top brazilian operator

A major mobile operator in Brazil joined forces with Upstream to drive digital postpaid sales, in a cost-effective manner without the use of call centers and physical stores. A multi-channel strategy was created shaping a simple and user focused journey to boost conversions.

Extensive media mix and continuous optimization

Constant UX/UI flow optimization techniques

Advanced analytics to enable targeting and re-targeting at every step of the funnel


Additional plan upgrades


Increase in conversion rates


Channels used

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