The Upstream Method

We’ve mastered digital acquisition

Create more opportunities for deeper connections with your brand, drive acquisition, and grow customer lifetime value (LTV) — with greater loyalty than ever before.


Turn interactions into acquisitions

User interactions are worthless without conversion. We excite users into becoming customers while fighting fraudulent sign-ups and scaling commercially.

    Lead generation

    We drive top quality leads using mixed media while optimizing flows to maximise customer journey completion.


    Sell more with the leading mobile e-commerce platform. We help you build targeted on-site campaigns, send triggered messages and decrease cart abandonment.

    CRM Base Building

    We help brands build contactable customer bases and leverage the strength of first party data to enable re-contacting for offers.

    App Downloads

    Boost app downloads by users who will retain your app and interact with it — not install and ditch it.

    Sign ups

    Increase authentic sign-ups from customers who are genuinely interested in your product and can be upsold later.

    Digital Sales

    Further sales and earn repeat customers who are satisfied with your product or service due to connection levels.

    Cross Selling

    We increase customer life value with personalized, irresistible upsell and cross sell offers, and expand your user base.

    Plan Upgrades

    We help you move customers to the next spending tier by offering the right product, to the right customer, at the right time.

    Lead Nurturing

    We create personalized and relevant campaigns to prospects and customers at every stage of their buying journeys.

Event Triggered Campaigns

We orchestrate campaigns seamlessly

We use event-driven campaigns to create highly contextual opportunities for new customers to engage with your brand. There’s no question whether your users are active. Scrub inactive accounts and fraud so you can act with higher campaign accuracy.

Cross Channel Campaigns

Taking reach to new heights

By leveraging digital and mobile channels, we ensure 100% reach at all times — meeting customers where they want to engage and creating authentic interactions.

Multi-Channel Re-Targeting & Optimization

Driving 3x higher conversions

When linear targeting is no longer enough to convert, Upstream helps you chase your customer across channels and expose them to relevant creatives, timed perfectly with their behavioral buying patterns to drive higher sign-ups and sales.

Smart Upselling & Cross Selling

Upsell and cross sell with skill

Converting a customer is one thing. Expanding their lifetime value (LTV) requires precise marketing and rich data to create a compelling customer journey that tailors content to every segment, minimizing effort on behalf of the user.

Fraud Free Leads

Zero malware, zero bots, 100% human interaction

We block all sources of fraudulent traffic to protect your brand image and generate genuine leads that lead to real conversions.