Mobile Operators

Enabling user engagement for mobile operators

Create compelling, cross-channel user journeys that defy expectations, increasing revenues and keeping your costs low.

Empowering New Channels

Unlocking powerful undiscovered channels

We ensure interactions are authentic, not forced. We provide unique opportunities to empower your channels, unlock new ones, connect them to the wider digital world, and leverage their value through monetization.

    A zero-rated channel we control with huge acquisition potential
    A must interactive push channel with extremely high open and response rates
    Data Rewards
    Rewards programs and incentives for more interactive customer journeys
    Smart SMS
    The enriched version of SMS with engaging content and no text limitation
    Sat Push
    A powerful interactive channel with high reach and visibility
    Powerful online paid ads reach millions of potential leads, driving performance rates

Channel Orchestration

Delivering rich, meaningful customer experiences

We empower you to facilitate holistic customer experiences — driven by needs and behaviors. Reach customers wherever they are, regardless of channel or medium, and support them throughout their journey.

Anti-Fraud Technology

We block fraud so you can focus on the things that matter

Improve brand image, minimize complaints, optimize conversion, and generate more revenue with Secure-D, our anti-fraud technology that protects the viability of Direct Carrier Billing.

Mobile Identity

Powering the future of identity

Our patented Mobile Identity solution enables you to deliver customized experiences, build personalized communication, and improve customer loyalty. With consistent ID resolution, you can streamline user journeys and optimize conversion, monetizing user data and traffic via effective ad targeting.