Our Marketing Promotions help mobile operators unleash monetisation whilst guarding the customer experience of their subscriber base.

We offer award-winning mobile marketing promotions across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Our Marketing Promotions generate extremely high messaging throughput, and our carrier grade platform has been specially designed to handle this in a robust and secure manner. Our MINT 2.0 application suite supports a broad range of promotional tools, including trivia, narrative, and number games.

But our real added value comes from the way consumer relationships are managed, drawing on invaluable insights obtained from literally billions of previous interactions, governing timing, game mechanics, synthesis and tone of message. MINT 2.0 focuses on actively engaging the customers who are keen to take part, and excluding those who are not, thereby maximising the promotion’s monetisation impact. Throughout the process, particular emphasis is placed on ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Marketing Promotions are entirely self-financed, requiring no investment from the mobile operator: Upstream underwrites promotional costs including advertising and prizes. We also manage each promotion from start to finish, dedicating specialised resources to areas as diverse as connectivity, campaign management, finance and reporting.