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Boosting dtac’s digital revenues across verticals and scoring 3.7m acquisitions

174 %
year-over-year subscriptions growth
80 +
services managed
14 %
subscription rate increase

Acquiring customers across verticals

dtac, the third-largest mobile operator in Thailand, wanted to drive acquisitions for its digital VAS. They wanted to do it in a way that would enable them to scale commercially — without flooding call centers with fraud complaints. We worked closely with them to transform their approach, overcoming the acquisition and digital revenues challenges associated with such ambitious scaling.

“Upstream’s solution helped us drive up digital acquisitions in a safe and scalable way. We saw a 174% increase in acquisitions in a year, largely thanks to their help with cross-vertical campaigns and always-on A/B testing which allowed for continuous optimization of our user flow.”

Partomchai Tangnoi
Head of Platform Solution and Operation at DTAC

Enabling cross-vertical acquisitions

We ran several cross-vertical campaigns across gaming, lifestyle, social, dating, horoscopes, and more. Our solutions were built around diversified traffic sources, secure acquisitions, and A/B testing:

  • We onboarded more than 33 service providers and managed 80+ services — maximizing opportunities for new acquisitions.
  • Acting as an exclusive partner to dtac for web media buying, our solution was centered around more than 45 different traffic sources, including Facebook, TikTok, Google, and Twitter.
  • To ensure 100% safe and secure digital acquisitions, Upstream’s proprietary security feature was mobilized, alongside continuous testing of new channels to drive acquisitions and revenues.
  • Numerous A/B tests were conducted on creative concepts, landing pages, and user flow steps in order to maximize conversion rates. Working this way provided dtac with invaluable insights into which concepts were more effective than others.

What dtac achieved

250k subscribers acquired every month in Q1 2021

174% year-over-year subscriptions growth

440% conversion rate improvement of the landing pages due to creative optimization

14% increase in subscriptions due to content and
creative optimization (on a specific web channel)

Upstream Proprietary Data: Jun 2019 to Jun 2021

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