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5 marketing automation capabilities that are an absolute must for marketers

By Upstream

Top5 Marketing Automation Capabilities

You want to reach hundreds of thousands, millions, even tens of millions of users. And you want to make each and every one feel unique. Sounds mind-boggling, if not downright contradictory. Yet this personalization is the way to build stronger relationships with your customers and which, ultimately, leads to conversions. The truth is that the number of marketers searching for MarTech solutions increases every year. And, luckily, in the past four years, there has also been a 60% increase¹ of such solutions available.

The recent rise of marketing automation has made life easier for marketers, as it allows some processes to take place automatically and, more importantly, become more efficient. That means that marketing campaigns are much more focused, resulting in less effort and higher ROI. As always, it’s important to have access to the right MarTech tool—one that talks to the right person, at the right time, in the right way. All that, while you sit back and take it easy.

5 ways to get it all done.

Let’s take a look at five of the top marketing automation capabilities, aka a marketer’s dream come true.

1. The belt-and-braces approach, aka Multichannel Fallback

Let’s say the people you’re trying to reach are offline or their connection allows for limited data. Shouldn’t you have something to fall back on? With multichannel fallback you do, as this mechanism allows delivery across various devices. Like, for example, when an RCS campaign fails to reach users because their device isn’t RCS-capable or they’re offline, then the system switches to SMS. This ensures message delivery resilience and maximizes the chances of reaching users, irrespective of their device capabilities or online status. Job done.

2. Hitting bullseye more often, aka Multichannel Retargeting

Shooting with one barrel is no longer enough. This is where real-time automated retargeting comes in: it enables marketers to efficiently re-engage potential customers across various channels with messages that are both timely and personalized. This ultimately drives higher conversions and revenue growth. That’s because it re-engages customers by using a variety of channels, based on how users actually behave. One great example is cart recovery. Someone forgot to check out and their cart is full? Easy—just send them a cart recovery message.

3. Show them you’re there for them, aka Event-triggered Communications

Someone runs out of data? Send them a renewal plan. Someone signs up for your mailing list? Well, it’s only polite to say “hi’. The beauty of event-driven triggers is that you can set them to respond to external events, such as data renewals, rewards, stock updates, or location-based triggers. Event-driven campaigns enable asynchronous communications, which allow automatic connection with the users, just when they’re more receptive to what you have to offer. This boosts efficiency and keeps marketers one step ahead of their prospects.

4. As unique as a fingerprint, aka Dynamic Content Personalization

You probably know a lot about your customers. But how much do you really know about each one? It’s time to say hello to a new era of personalized marketing, where every message resonates and every connection counts. By consolidating behavioral data from multiple touchpoints into a unified platform you’ll get to know your customers’ individual desires and behaviors, in real time. And by leveraging automation, you can seamlessly deliver tailored messages and offerings based on customer behavior, preferences, or demographics, making each interaction relevant and timely. Pretty soon, each customer will feel like a king or queen.

5. The proof is in the pudding, aka A/B testing

They’re those who think they’re good enough. And those who want to keep getting better. A/B testing is for the latter. Testing is essential to every marketing strategy because it highlights not only what works best but also what improvements should be made in future campaigns. This enhances both decision-making & campaign effectiveness. For example, you can try out different copy, images, layouts, and send times to see which combination works best. By using a marketing automation platform, you can set up multiple content & creative variations to deliver the best-performing message to the right segment.

And if you want every marketing campaign to be a breeze instead of a pain, then Grow is for you. Upstream’s marketing automation platform is a leading MarTech platform that maximizes actions, simplifies user experiences, and makes campaigns more efficient with top notch capabilities that help marketers reach better data outcomes. The end result is happier customers, greater loyalty and better monetization. Or what we call a win-win-win situation.

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