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SMS marketing contributes to more than 16% of AMOBELEZA’s e-sales

47 x
16 %
contribution in overall sales
10 %
of revenues generated comes from cart recovery

Focusing on a mobile-first strategy

AMOBELEZA, a well-known online retailer for beauty and personal care products in Brazil, recognized the immense value of direct and immediate communication with their customers through mobile first experiences. They were looking for a mobile-centric revenue channel that could be leveraged for capturing new contacts and converting them into revenues. SMS marketing was the way to go.

“Upstream has been our go-to partner for mobile marketing. Initially lacking a solution to communicate with clients via mobile, Upstream's e-commerce solution and expertise helped leverage our mobile subscribers in the most efficient and direct way. This significantly enhanced our communication strategies and increased our e-shop sales, leading to a 47x ROI.”

Adriana Araujo
Head of Marketing, AMOBELEZA

Tapping into the power of mobile marketing automations

AMOBELEZA harnessed the full strategic potential of SMS marketing by joining forces with Upstream, an expert in mobile marketing automation. Upstream’s solution is improving their customer acquisition efforts by building a new customer base of phone numbers and maximizing e-commerce revenues with relevant targeting, retargeting, and behavioral triggers — all via mobile.

1. Enabling mobile first communications by building an engaged customer base

Many first-time shoppers visiting an e-shop may not be prepared to make a purchase immediately. That’s why AMOBELEZA needed to connect with these potential customers and establish lasting relationships. The acquisition strategy was focused on targeted on-site campaigns and engaging gamification techniques such as spin-to-win wheel pop-ups. A special discount code was also sent to users who opted in upon subscription. This led to an impressive 8% opt-in rate. Even if the subscribers don’t make a purchase right away, AMOBELEZA has built a strong customer base that can facilitate efficient SMS marketing campaigns to redirect them back to the e-shop later.

2. Mobile shopping experiences elevated with SMS automations

Upstream’s mobile marketing solution empowered AMOBELEZA to communicate with their customers throughout their shopping journey with targeted and timely automated messages. Upon subscription, a welcome message was triggered in real time to greet the new customer and deliver the coupon code. More than 10% of new subscribers clicked on the welcome message.

A cart recovery strategy was also utilized to remind shoppers to complete their purchase after they leave items in their cart. A timely cart reminder text, sent 15 minutes later, contributed to 10% of Upstream’s total generated revenue.

Last, automated customer winback messages and discount coupons were sent to inactive customers that haven’t made a purchase for the last 60 days.


3. Increasing customer lifetime value with SMS broadcast campaigns

AMOBELEZA leverages the newly opted-in audiences and targets them with SMS broadcast campaigns to maximize their e-commerce revenue potential. Sending broadcast campaigns via SMS is a personal and efficient way to communicate new product launches & promotions and drive repeat sales, improving customer lifetime value and customer loyalty.

What AMOBELEZA achieved

47x ROI

16% contribution in overall sales

10% of the revenues generated from cart recovery text reminders

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