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Upstream Celebrates Innovation with Hackathon 2015

Athens, Greece – November 19th 2015 – The 2nd Hackathon in Upstream’s history concluded in a celebration of innovation with a wealth of impressive prototypes and solutions.


Hackathon 2015 took place between November 13 and November 15, 2015, at Upstream’s Headquarters in Athens, Greece. The 7 teams worked over three creative and intensive days, filled with teamwork, caffeine, reduced sleep and endless coding binges.

Winners were recognised during the Award Ceremony held on Sunday, November 15th, where the eight-person Judging Committee, comprising of representatives from Engineering, IT, Operations, Product, and Systems selected the 3 best solutions in terms of potential and execution. Upstream’s CEO, Marco Veremis, attended the presentations of the 7 teams and commented:

“Hackathon 2015 is propably the best initiative I’ve ever seen within the company. It has the potential to become something quite instrumental in the way Upstream innovates and grows in the future.

As I headed back home on Sunday, I felt very optimistic about our future. The ideas and execution that came out of 2 days of intensive team work were highly concrete and impressive. Having to make the leap from an idea to actually coding it strips out the bullshit and theoretical talk that plagues most companies. Talk is indeed mostly cheap.

What I found most inspiring though was the attitude and energy in the room. Very few people make a living doing what they are passionate about. I have a lot of respect for this rare category of professionals. Its no coincidence that some of the best companies in the world, espacially over the last decade, have been founded and staffed by such people.

Congratulations to all and special thanks to Natalia for organising this event and imbuing it with her own enthusiasm, energy and quality.”

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