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Upstream CEO Alex Vratskides Speaks on Mobile Marketing at CTIA Wireless 2011

CTIA WIRELESS, ORLANDO, FL March 21, 2011 –Upstream, a global mobile marketing solutions provider, today announced that co-founder and CEO Alex Vratskides will speak on the mobile advertising panel at the CTIA Wireless 2011 show in Orlando, Fla. Entitled “Your Ad Here – Marketing on Mobile,” the panel will focus on the most compelling issues currently impacting the growth of mobile marketing and advertising, including the role of global operators in the mobile marketing space, brand strategies to maximize response rates and ROI, measurement techniques and mobile marketing trends. The panel will take place on March 22, 2011, from 11:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m. in the Orange County Convention Center, Room S230 C, and will be moderated by Melissa Parrish of industry analyst firm Forrester Research.

“With industry analysts projecting that mobile marketing spend will grow to $21.2 billion by 2012, Upstream continues its rapid growth, focused on making the mobile channel ever more effective in maximizing customer conversion and boosting revenues,” said Vratskides. “The key to success for advertisers is to build strategic mobile marketing campaigns that take into account the highly personal nature of mobile, its small screen and the generally short engagement time that consumers spend interacting with their device.”

According to Vratskides, text-based, succinct mobile marketing messages that communicate really compelling offers within context, lead to the highest response rates. “Mobile marketers should be careful about the number of interactions that they make with their target consumers, to avoid annoyance. Marketers should pick their battles very carefully when it comes to talking to customers via mobile and always remember the very personal nature of the medium,” added Vratskides.

Vratskides will discuss real-world results from Upstream’s mobile campaigns with more than 30 global operators that have generated more than $500 million in incremental revenue, as well as data-driven conclusions on the effectiveness of text-based mobile marketing at the CTIA Wireless 2011 show.

Upstream also will be demonstrating the Marketing Communications Suite (MCS), its carrier-grade SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that is the most comprehensive, widely used and innovative mobile marketing platform worldwide. More than 500 million consumers in over 40 countries have interacted with the platform and MCS has delivered more than 150,000 campaigns generating some of the highest conversion rates for the largest brands in the world. MCS’s effectiveness in increasing customer responsiveness by as much as 400 percent rests on the highly innovative platform capabilities of Gamification, Contextualization, optimized Communication and Analysis.

Please contact upstream@globalresultspr.com to schedule an onsite CTIA briefing or post-show phone briefing.

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