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Upstream Discusses Cookieless Marketing in Mobi-ID 2023

Upstream Deputy CEO, Kostas Kastanis, to speak at Mobi-ID 2023 in Sao Paulo about how mobile operators, advertisers and digital publishers should start preparing for a world without 3rd party cookies.

São Paulo, November 1, 2023 – Upstream, the leading martech company, will be participating at Mobi-ID, which takes place on November 7, 2023, at the WTC Events Center in São Paulo. This marks the 6th edition of the event, which has already established itself as a key platform for discussions on the latest trends in digital identification and authentication within Brazil. Upstream Deputy CEO, Kostas Kastanis, will be among the keynote speakers of Mobi ID.

How to prepare for a cookieless marketing world

During his session, titled “Mobile Identity: How to prepare for a third-party cookieless world in marketing”, Kastanis will share valuable insights into the changes taking place in the digital marketing landscape, focusing on the upcoming demise of third party cookies, which are expected to be eliminated by the second half of 2024. Kastanis will be discussing how industry players will need to adapt, presenting innovative strategies that will allow businesses to continue to reach their audiences effectively and securely, while upholding end users’ privacy and complying with global and local regulations.

“The growing concerns about user privacy online are reshaping digital advertising as we know it. Brands need to rethink their strategies to avoid being left behind. At the same time though, the inevitable end of third-party cookies offers a unique opportunity for mobile operators, advertisers and digital publishers to innovate and strengthen their relationships with consumers”, Kastanis comments.

Mobi-ID will convene government representatives, academics, providers of digital identification and authentication solutions, as well as executives from the areas of security, marketing and new business sectors. This event is essential for professionals seeking to stay updated on the latest news and industry best practices.

Last year, Upstream introduced its patented online user identification technology, known as Mobile Identity, for the first time. The technology utilizes the MSISDN (Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number), more commonly known as the mobile phone number, as a unique user identifier, with the identification taking place over the mobile network.  Mobile Identity can be leveraged in several ways, from increasing opt in conversions, to delivering seamless personalized on-site user experiences and simplifying user authentication.


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