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Upstream extends relationship with Wind

London, UK— May 30, 2010—Upstream, one of the world’s largest mobile marketing solutions providers, (www.upstreamsystems.com) has delivered a successful Mega Promotion for Wind, resulting in robust customer base recruitment and participation for the Italian telecom operator.

The “SMS da VIP!” 63 day Mega-Promotion which launched on March 15th, offered participants the chance to win prizes on purchase of true tone products offered by Wind. Prizes included Sony flat screen televisions and a chance to win a Porsche Cayman. By the end of the promotion, recruitment figures had reached over 90K, revealing a responsive customer base and driving revenue boosting opportunities for the operator. Wind’s customer base represents a wide mix of users, many of whom were new or first time subscribers who are notoriously cost conscious.

“Upstream is revolutionising the way companies market to mobile consumers”, said Diego Benavides, VP Business Development at Upstream. “We understand that operators like Wind are conscious of not alienating their customer base with overplayed or irrelevant communications, as the long term repercussions of this are costly. Upstream’s execution expertise and advanced technology platform deploys potent and carefully targeted Mega-Promotions which are designed to encourage customer loyalty and participation. As a result, the “SMS da VIP!” promotion has positively activated Wind’s complex customer base”.

This is the second time Upstream has worked with Wind. In November 2009, Upstream delivered a successful four month cross-promotion for the popular television program “Grande Fratello” (Big Brother), working with Wind and 3 other leading Italian mobile operators.
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