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Upstream Included as Major Mobile Innovator in Emerging Markets in “Predictions 2015” Forrester Report

Mobile Monetization Powerhouse Cited as Innovative Mobile Player with Global Expertise

December 04, 2014 – London – Upstream, a global leader in mobile monetization, announced that it has been recognized as key mobile innovator in emerging markets, having been cited in Forrester’s report on significant mobile predictions for 2015. The report, titled “Predictions 2015: Most Brands Will Underinvest In Mobile,” was released in November 2014. The report examines the continued growth of the mobile industry and how brands choosing to embrace the power of mobile will accelerate by embracing mobile-based marketing as well as mobile-based customer experiences.

Upstream is one of few selected players named in the report, featured for its work in delivering innovative and effective mobile marketing campaigns with consistently high engagement rates that enable CMOs and mobile advertisers to enhance their brands’ customer experiences while maximizing their revenue growth. The full report is available here.

“We are thrilled to be featured in Forrester’s Predictions 2015,” said Marco Veremis, CEO, Upstream. “Our inclusion is a re-affirmation of our continued growth and focus on mobile engagement and monetization. Mobile is rapidly evolving, and 2015 will be a critical time for players in emerging markets looking to capture the loyalty of the ‘next billion’ customers, who are predominantly mobile, and hungry for digital content.”

Forrester’s sixth annual mobile predictions report highlights new mobile trends for 2015, including areas such as budget spending, business transformation, value chain, innovation and growth in emerging markets, as well as apps and consumer engagement, mobile advertising, branded content and mobile payments. Authors include Thomas Husson, Vice President, Principal Analyst serving marketing leadership professionals and Julie Ask, Vice President, Principal Analyst serving e-business and channel strategy professionals.

“Upstream’s unique MINT platform is pioneering technology that is proven in delivering large-scale campaigns and in providing insight from billions of consumer interactions, allowing for highly accurate analysis of campaign timing, mechanics, synthesis and tone of message,” said Veremis. “Upstream has partnered with significant mobile networks and brands in South America, Asia, Africa and across the globe – we’re looking forward to maintaining and growing  our significant global presence in the year ahead.”

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