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Upstream takes mobile marketing a step further: A mobile virtual experience of Euroleague 2007

Upstream’s innovative mobile campaign “Cosmote Euroleague 2007” is already receiving positive feedback. From April 3rd and up until May 7th, Cosmote subscribers are invited to “score” at this year’s Euroleague, just by sending a blank SMS to the short code 444. The program primarily aims at communicating the mobile operator’s sponsorship of Euroleague 2007. Furthermore, subscribers are rewarded with prizes in the spirit of the promo, such as tickets to the Final 4 and the latest mobile phone devices.

The campaign is built around the idea that users can enjoy an exciting virtual experience of the Euroleague event every day. The execution of this project was made possible via the use of a specialized mobile CRM application, proprietary to Upstream S.A.

This platform enhances user interactivity, by tailoring user experience to different user profiles and preferences.

“In order to be effectively communicated, any message—in this case, Cosmote’s sponsorship —should have a personal and entertaining character. The “Cosmote Euroleague” 2007 campaign proves once again that mobile phones can stand as an interactive communication platform, via the use of our CRM technology. This mechanism of communication can function at both mass and personal levels. This was impossible up to now in the field of communication,” says the President of Upstream, Mr. Marcos Veremis.
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