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Upstream unveils its evolved mobile marketing promotions offering - Next Gen Promos

Advanced gamification capabilities enable mobile network operators to drive increased user engagement

London, February 9th, 2018 – Leading mobile commerce platform, Upstream, has today announced the launch of Next Gen Promos, an evolution of its existing, award-winning, marketing promotions. The service now offers integrated social media sharing, and the ability to boost interactions over web, SMS and apps, which allows 100% of an operator’s userbase to engage with fun and interactive promotions.

As highlighted in Upstream’s 2017 Digital Services Emerging Markets Report, conducted with Ovum, 72% of consumers state that digital services are an important factor in deciding whether to stay with a network operator. To meet changing consumer demands, driven by the proliferation of more capable mobile devices, Upstream has introduced the biggest development of its promotions solution to date. With the launch of Next Gen Promos, mobile network operators are able to provide their subscribers with top games and high value prizes, through an all-digital experience.

The innovative gamified user experience is unique to emerging markets. By adding Next Gen Promos to their portfolio, mobile network operators can raise their ARPU significantly through increased user engagement and improved customer retention.

Next Gen Promos offer consumers a series of digital games to play and compete in, designed to boost their motivation, improve their skills and make engagement more fun. Consumers are able to compete for even higher value premium prizes, extra perks and bonus prizes like free access to digital or premium services. They can see which prizes they are competing for, climb a level based system by earning points, and share their success with their friends through the enhanced social media sharing functionality, with direct links to Facebook.

Chrysa Karamanidi, Head of Product at Upstream commented: “The recent explosion in the use of smartphones across emerging markets has brought us both opportunities and challenges. There are now more users than ever before who are able to access rich content on their devices, but at the same time, the range of devices being used is also the broadest it has ever been.

We’ve transformed the way marketing promotions work to best support mobile network operators in providing a new and exciting experience to their subscribers. Next Gen Promos bring a brand-new level of interactive content to 100% of a network operator’s user base, enabling consumers to share their progress on social media. This is the next generation of mobile marketing promotions, offering mobile network operators in emerging markets a new way to drive engagement across their entire customer base.”

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