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Upstream unveils new corporate responsibility program via the Updreamers volunteer team

The team’s first voluntary action involved the cleaning of Mount Hymettus.

Upstream, with a desire to make a positive impact, has put together a thoughtful corporate responsibility program focused on getting involved and giving back, through volunteerism and mentoring. This effort truly embodies the spirit of the company, reflecting the company’s identity and value. 

Employees from all over the world, working together as the Updreamers team, collaborate with Non-Profit Organizations to make a difference. Through volunteer activities, they’re working hand in hand to support shared goals and build a stronger, more sustainable community.

The corporate responsibility program is built upon three main pillars: Technology, Environment, and Society. Under the technology pillar, Upstream has developed a mentoring program for NGOs aimed at educating their employees, while also providing guidance to students along their career path. In the environmental sphere, Updreamers engage in volunteer initiatives to protect and preserve the natural environment. Within the society pillar, volunteer actions are directed towards meeting the needs of vulnerable social groups, working collaboratively with various organizations.

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Teaming up with S.P.A.Y. (Association for the Protection of the Hymettus Ecosystem), the Updreamers successfully executed their first volunteer initiative. This initiative helped the organization protect the Hymettus ecosystem and turn it into a healthier place with less pollution, thereby establishing it as the nation’s premier Zero Plastic mountain. With dedication, more than 45 Updreamers rolled up their sleeves to partake in the cleanup action, spanning from Glyka Nera to the Monastery of Saint John the Hunter. Together, they removed numerous plastic and metal packages, bottles, tires, glass items, and other debris from the area.

During the cleanup, Updreamers learned about the significance of preserving Ymittos’ natural environment, especially during fire season. They also gained insight into the value of volunteering and the vital role volunteer groups play in protecting Hymettos.

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Dimitris Maniatis, CEO Upstream, stated, "Corporate responsibility and social contribution are intertwined with Upstream's vision of nurturing a sustainable future for every community it serves. Our new Corporate Responsibility Program represents a comprehensive initiative that emphasizes our commitment to society. By founding Updreamers, a team devoted to volunteering and mentorship, we demonstrate the solidarity among our people in supporting people and the environment. Our partnership with S.P.A.Y. signifies just the beginning, and we are committed to further actions."

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