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Unlocking multi-channel marketing with RCS

Unlock multi-channel marketing with RCS

RCS pushing multi-channel campaigns to new heights

Expected to reach 3.8 billion mobile users by 2026 and skyrocket the revenues of mobile operators. A conversational channel leveraging  first party data to target customers with undeniable marketing performance for mobile operators, advertisers and brands.

RCS's growth in numbers

Enter RCS (Rich Communication Services); a must-have addition to any mobile marketing multi-channel campaign that combines the capabilities of SMS and OTT platforms such as Whatsapp and Viber.

RCS performance statistics

All you need to know about RCS fitted into one white paper by Upstream, mobile marketing automation experts and a top international player in the RCS ecosystem, the largest RCS messages sender in Brazil.

Key insights for you:

  • Why is RCS so special – Best Practices and Success Stories
  • How it advances multi-channel campaigns
  • How mobile operators can leverage RCS to become major digital advertising players
  • How you can run unlimited RCS campaigns, combined with any other mobile and digital channel through Upstream’s mobile marketing automation platform, Grow.
The RCS white paper by Upstream

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