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A Pandemic on Mobile


2020 was a tipping point for mobile transformation. Millions of consumers, advertisers, and enterprises turned to digital channels for shopping, working, and entertainment. Yet this ‘great online shift’ proved a perfect opportunity for fraudsters on the lookout for new targets.

A pandemic on mobile, the new in-depth report from Secure-D, examines how mobile ad fraud and malware are advancing as the whole world turned online and mobile.

Based on real, aggregated transaction data from the Secure-D platform, Upstream’s full-stack anti-fraud offering, incorporating data from more than 35 operators across 23 markets, covering nearly 840 million subscribers.

Here’s what’s in the full report:

  • How does DCB fraud operate?
  • How many infected apps were detected in 2020?
  • Which apps were the most dangerous?
  • Which markets were most impacted by fraud?

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