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Achieving 40x higher revenue with SMS marketing automation

6 x
higher conversions on SMS vs E-mail
2 x
higher average order value of SMS vs E-mail
14.8 x

Overcoming e-mail marketing fatigue

A top fashion online retailer in Brazil, with a mature base of 1.6m e-mail addresses, was experiencing great results from their e-mail marketing strategy with consistent 10x+ ROI, 2%+ click through rate and 1.5% conversion rate. However, they recognized that the revenue generated from e-mail had plateaued and there was more potential to be achieved. They tried to expand their subscriber base, but barely saw any increase in revenue.

Breaking through e-mail by unlocking new audiences with SMS marketing

The fashion retailer partnered with Upstream, a leader in mobile marketing automation, to expand their marketing strategy beyond e-mail and engage with their customer audience in new ways.

With Upstream’s expertise, they were able to integrate SMS into their marketing mix, to broaden their reach and achieve even greater success.

SMS vs Email

Our approach

1. Turning 8% of their monthly anonymous visitors into opted-in users

Targeted on-site fully optimized mechanisms were implemented to increase opt-in rates for pop-up campaigns and capture more mobile numbers. With an average traffic of 170,000 monthly visitors, Upstream’s contacts collection strategy resulted in more than 40,000 phone numbers in just 3 months.

2. Boosting revenue potential with triggered messaging

By utilizing Upstreams’ mobile marketing platform, Grow, the retailer was able to deliver real-time triggered text messages to their customers at every stage of the customer journey, from subscription to purchase completion. Upon subscription, newly acquired subscribers received an automated welcome sms that urged them to stay tuned for more. A cart recovery strategy was also put in place to encourage customers who have abandoned their shopping carts during checkout to complete their purchase.

Onsite campaigns

3. Thriving e-commerce with personalized broadcast campaigns

Over a 3-month period, the retailer further leveraged the SMS channel to reach out to their audience with captivating broadcast campaigns regarding weekly updates on new products, sales, live commerce events, and more. Customers’ behavior was further analyzed based on their interaction with the e-shop and their purchase activity. Targeted and personalized messages were delivered to each segment, leading to higher conversions and maximum campaign efficiency.

broadcast campaigns

What the e-commerce client achieved

6x higher conversions on SMS vs E-mail

2x higher average order value of SMS vs E-mail

4x better CTR on SMS vs E-mail

14.8x ROI

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