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  • September 15, 2022

Five tips to avoid abandoned carts in e-commerce

By Patrick Marquart, Head of Enterprise Sales Brazil

5 tips to avoid abandoned carts

The profile of the Brazilian consumer has undergone major transformations in recent years. Those who were used to buying products and services in physical stores, now prefer to buy everything online. With just one touch on their screen, it is possible to choose several products and put them in their online shopping baskets. However, lots of consumers do not complete their transactions and “abandon” items in their carts. Maybe someone called them, they got an important email from work, or their dog barked and distracted them. Whatever might have happened, the problem remains the same: online stores suffer losses. According to the Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumer, the customer conversion rate is less than 2% in Brazil, while the world average is 4.14%.

Most of our customers are trying to increase their sales by recovering revenue from abandoned carts and by building a strong customer base, with users that are interested in their brand and can put their trust in it. The data demonstrates the difficulty of companies to manage successful campaigns, but our mobile marketing automation solutions are proven extremely efficient for online brands.

Here are five tips to help e-commerce brands increase their sales by decreasing abandoned carts and increasing recovered ones:

1. Facilitate customer registration

It is highly recommended that your store provides simple registration options, so that the visitor can complete sing-ins the easiest way possible. Forms that take longer to be filled are usually “discouraging” for the potential buyer, who seeks agility when buying on the internet. With Upstream’s Grow, the users can opt-in to receive marketing communication, easier than ever. Once they receive the welcome pop-up message on the website’s home page, they just have to fill in their mobile phone number and they are automatically included in the online store’s customer base.

2. Use a multichannel marketing mix

Recent data from Upstream show that using SMS to recover abandoned carts can increase sales by 70%, in comparison to email. Moreover, marketing channels like RCS, WhatsApp, push-up notifications and social media are showcasing great potential when it comes to targeting your customers. A multi-channel strategy, supported by a mobile marketing automation platform, will ensure that results are superior and reach more people. In addition, Upstream’s data shows that retargeting marketing, by sending personalized messages to a consumer who has already interacted with your brand, multiplies the efficiency of online sales.

3. Offer incentives

Customers are almost always attracted to discount coupons and special offers. If a potential customer is interested in a product, but for some reason hasn’t completed the purchase, send him an SMS reminder with a coupon to help him complete the transaction. This way, the brand can even retain the customer, as it is a way of giving value to them. To structure this customer journey, our Grow platform includes efficient marketing solutions that offer all the necessary features.

4. Offer more payment options

There are several ways to pay for a purchase these days, so it’s important to offer as many options as possible, to accommodate your customers. With the rise of PIX, credit cards are no longer the most used payment method, for example. The more payment options your store offers, the less likely the customer will abandon a cart.

5. Invest in transaction security

Last but not least, is to make sure you provide your customers a secure platform, preventing ad fraud. With the rise of cybercrime cases, people are increasingly apprehensive about completing an online purchase, especially if it’s their first time visiting a website. Upstream’s platform’s ad-fraud security feature protects advertisers’ budget by greatly reducing ad fraud using built-in predictive ad blocking, behavioral pattern blocking and many more tools.

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