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  • March 31, 2023

How Brands Scored Big with a 12% Increase in Average Order Value During Brazil's Consumer's Week 2023

By Upstream

Upstream_Consumer's Week_Brazil

Consumer’s Week in March is one of the most highly anticipated e-commerce events in Brazil attracting millions of consumers. From soaring sales to sky-high opt-in rates, this event provides the perfect opportunity for brands to ramp up their revenues after a slow start to the year. 

Upstream, a leader in e-commerce marketing automation, partnered with 12 brands in Brazil and helped them achieve impressive results during this week. Through Upstream’s e-commerce messaging campaigns, these brands experienced a 12% increase in the average order value compared to the rest of the orders. Overall, these campaigns contributed over 7% of the total clients’ revenue.

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1. Seasonal Events: The Prime Time For Your Contacts’ Collection Strategy

Consumer’s Week proved to be an excellent opportunity for brands to leverage the surge in their e-shop traffic. We helped brands run optimized on-site campaigns and collect 28% more phone numbers, ultimately increasing their customer base.

Contacts Collection during Consumer's Week

2. From One-Day Wonder to Week-Long Fun: Investing in a Full Week of Activities Leads to Higher Sales

By spreading out promotional activities over a full week, e-commerce brands were able to reach a wider audience and generate a steady flow of sales over a longer period of time. This strategy not only boosted revenue, but also helped create a bigger customer base, which is crucial for long-term success. Our clients avg. daily sales on the Consumer’s Week were up by 25% compared to the rest days of the month.

More days, More sales

3. Just at the Right Time: Score Big with Triggered Messaging Before Everyone Else

Triggered messaging performed great – even greater than Black Friday – proving that customers are all about these text messages. Also, communicating this sales extravaganza to customers that haven’t heard about it before turned out to be an early mover advantage. Sounds good? Check-out four ways automated mobile triggered messages can make shoppers fall in love with your brand.

Triggered messaging

4. Be the Loudest on the Block: Reactivate Your Customers With Engaging Broadcast Messages

Broadcast campaigns are a game changer when it comes to building anticipation for a big event and boosting sales. Weekly promo messages captured the customers’ attention and incentivized them to make the purchases. In fact, 15% of the revenue Upstream generated for its partners during Consumer’s Week was from broadcast campaigns.

Broadcast messages

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Check the full infographic here.

Sources: Upstream’s Proprietary Data 13-19 March 2023, Brazil
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