Mobile Phone User
Shifting to Digital Sales Channels
for MNOs - White Paper

Physical No More

The entire world has turned digital; working, learning, having fun,
buying is all done online, more than ever before.


store visits reduced
due to covid-19

Graph arrow down


shop more on mobile
than in store

Graph arrow down


increase in online sales
and queries

Lockdown has forced the closure
of physical stores and some call centres.

Consumers have been pushed towards digital
and e-commerce. Many will not go back to physical
transactions as they did before.

Turning towards digital sales is not the future.
It is the present. Do you want to see how?

Digital Sales are a must for MNOs
in developing economies

  • Demand for mobile data is driving
    post-paid sales. And it's growing every day.
  • The mobile market is mostly a pre-pay one,
    where customers spend less and are less loyal.
  • There are still millions of unconnected customers
    waiting to buy a phone and sign up.

How should MNOs respond?

  • 01 Go all in multi-channel
  • 02 Build pro-active and custom campaigns
  • 03 simplify digital customer journeys

Go all in multi-channel

Our digital sales campaigns are deployed across offline MNO channels like SatPush, Interactive IVR, SIM Menus, Balance Check and USSD to online channels like the MNO website, MNO app, captive portals and data rewards platforms.

Build pro-active and custom campaigns

Call centers and physical stores traditionally rely on customers to make the first move. But in a digital environment, MNOs can precisely target individual customers with personalized offers.

Simplify digital customer journeys

Engaging digital journeys that are easy to follow and finish, designed to be intuitive and drive completion. Performance analytics and testing coupled with advanced fraud detection to protect customers and revenue.

What MNOs can sell online:

Core and Non-core services

Plan upselling

Mobile portability

OTT services

Mobile money products

Doing so you can unlock new revenue streams, increase your customer reach, reduce churn and maximize your growth.

See how a major brazilian MNO
adopted our tools to:



customers in
eight months

Improve by


the conversion



the cost per

the white paper

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