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Upstream to showcase success of industry leading RCS solutions at MEF RCS World, Dublin

  • Upstream exhibiting first-in-class Rich Communication Services (RCS) at RCS World, Dublin, Ireland, July 12th & 13th 2022, sharing unique insights and real-world achievements

  • Upstream whitepaper ‘Unlocking multi-channel marketing with RCS’ confirms results of 22.2% CTR and 37% higher conversion rates using RCS over SMS, with global MNO revenue from RCS expected to reach $4.6 billion by 2026

Dublin, London, Rio de Janeiro, Athens – July 11, 2022: Upstream, a global specialist in mobile marketing automation, is showcasing its industry leading Rich Communication Services (RCS) at MEF RCS World, Dublin, this week on July 12th and 13th. An early adopter and pioneer of the field, Upstream RCS solutions are boosting the performance of marketing campaigns globally with proven click-through rates as high as 22.2%[1] and a 37%[2] rise in conversion rates over SMS. Upstream Experts will be on hand during RCS World, taking place at The Foundry, Google, to share their insights around how Upstream is driving such remarkable results and why RCS is the opportunity businesses simply cannot afford to miss.

Upstream at MEF RCS World

“Consumers are only responsive to the most engaging and exciting interactions from brands. RCS is a complete game-changer transforming the effectiveness of mobile marketing,” said Katerina Matthaiou, Product Innovation Director, Upstream. “2022 has seen significant momentum around RCS from mobile operators, as it proves to be an invaluable tool within the multi-channel marketing ecosystem. With third-party cookies being retired permanently, appetite for channels based on the use of first party-data is growing rapidly. It is something that cannot be overstated in the case of RCS, which brings together all the strengths of the good old SMS and the digital world. This is especially true in emerging markets where Android smartphones are becoming more prevalent.”

Rich mobile messaging’s emergence as a vital part of the digital marketing mix

According to Upstream’s latest whitepaper ‘Unlocking multi-channel marketing with RCS’, RCS is becoming indispensable for the multi-channel marketing strategy of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), brands and advertisers wanting to offer richer, more engaging interactions with consumers. Since its global roll-out from the Google Messages app in 2020, RCS has been gaining significant traction globally with the expected number of RCS-capable subscribers to reach 3.8 billion by 2026[3].

Upstream is enabling brands globally to benefit from the power of RCS to push multi-channel campaigns to new levels. This includes a popular South African food retailer which used a highly interactive RCS campaign to maximise traffic to its online store, achieving 12,000 clicks in its first two weeks alone. Working with Upstream, a leading Brazilian mobile operator also used dynamic RCS content to achieve a 116% increase in user migrations during a campaign to move subscribers from pre-paid plans to contracts. The campaign resulted in 785,000 plan upgrades in just 6 months with 137% higher CTR for RCS over SMS outreach.

Hear and learn more about the power of RCS from Upstream experts at RCS World

On Day 2 of MEF RCS World at 11.30am, visitors can learn more about the real-world impact and success of Upstream’s solutions at ‘RCS: A game-changer for multi-channel marketing strategies – Learnings from Brazil & South Africa with Upstream’.

Here, Upstream experts Katerina Matthaiou, Product Innovation Director, and Zoi Kotta, Product Innovation Manager, will share real world insights and success from brands incorporating RCS as a key component of their multi-channel marketing campaigns.


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