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Increasing Di Gaspi’s average order value by 18.5%

12 x
18.5 %
higher average order value via Upstream's MarTech solution
20 k
phone numbers acquired 
in less than 4 months

Turning phone number collection to e- commerce sales

Di Gaspi, a popular fashion retailer in Brazil, is focusing on e-commerce growth and the development of a strong customer base. Looking to maintain the increased revenue targets, Di Gaspi wanted to expand its marketing channels beyond e-mail marketing and take advantage of its mobile audience. SMS was the ideal communication channel to strengthen the e-commerce strategy and generate new revenues. The absence of an SMS opt-in customer base and the lack of SMS marketing expertise were the main challenges for the brand.

“Upstream’s solutions and their constant support towards helping us become more successful every day were essential for our company’s online growth. Di Gaspi increases e-commerce sales and has started building a close relationship with its customers, communicating with them in a more personal way on their mobile phone.”

Ricardo Oliveira
Di Gaspi E-commerce Manager

Increasing the brand’s reach to create a rich customer base

Di Gaspi partnered with Upstream, a leader in mobile marketing automation, to leverage SMS channel for e-commerce growth and create new, more personal interactions with the customer audience.

  • Build up their phone number customer base
    Upstream’s on-site contextual targeting mechanisms were introduced to increase opt-in rates of the pop-up campaigns. Different seamless journeys were created for mobile vs desktop users to make it even easier for them to subscribe. The acquisition strategy was further enhanced by introducing various incentives for visitors to sign-up. Incentives included offer codes such as 10% off your first order, or early access to seasonal events such as Black Friday.
  • Triggered messages that drive action
    Utilizing Upstreams mobile marketing automation platform, Grow, Di Gaspi delivers relevant and personalized promotion upon users action to engage with their customers through the whole lifecycle, from subscription till purchase completion.

    A cart recovery strategy was created to win back customers that leave checkout before completing their purchase. Cart recovery message was triggered 1hr after the visitor left items in their cart and a 2nd reminder was sent 24hrs later.

  • SMS marketing to boost e-commerce sales
    The brand integrated the SMS channel into their marketing calendar, aiming to engage customers with new product
    launches, discounts or live e-commerce events via a more personal and direct channel.

What Di Gaspi achieved

12x ROI

18.5% higher average order value via Upstream s MarTech solution

20k phone numbers acquired in less than 4 months

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