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  • September 27, 2023

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By Upstream

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It’s a complex world. Yet opportunity hides in every nook and cranny. That’s the beauty of the increasingly digital ecosystem we inhabit. However, navigating in this environment is full of challenges. How do you handle media management? How do you ensure that the digital acquisitions you make will be there tomorrow? Just as important, how do you simplify this digital journey as much as possible? The right strategy shouldn’t just be multi-prong; it should also be seamless. This is where Marketing Technology (MarTech) comes into play.

Think of MarTech as a giant toolbox. It holds all the invaluable tools and technologies that businesses need in order to automate, streamline, and optimize their marketing efforts. It offers deeper insights, allows you to use your data more efficiently and helps you convert more leads into customers.
Simply put, MarTech allows businesses to reach their maximum potential.

Less hassle, more money.

Now, if you’re a mobile network operator (MNO), that’s great news. Because by taking advantage of MarTech, you can become king of the hill within the digital landscape. By increasing digital acquisitions, making the most of data and analytics, and simplifying user flows, you can turn your existing stream of revenue into a torrent. What’s more, you can accomplish this by using what you already have — that is your existing infrastructure and capabilities. For mobile operators, Header Enrichment Technology is a goldmine. As an alternative to mobile advertising id, you can recognize mobile internet users uniquely and consistently, whether online or offline, and across different browsers and apps. This innovative technology will let you tap into new revenue streams through partnerships, revenue-sharing agreements, and targeted advertising opportunities.

Also, getting close and personal always works. By using precise data and analytics, you can make consumers feel unique which — surprise, surprise — turns them into loyal customers, making you, the MNO, a partner that providers can trust.

This incredible efficiency also translates into streamlined billing and payment. Through direct carrier billing (DCB), users can make purchases quickly and easily, exactly like it’s supposed to be.

The news isn’t great just for MNOs. If you’re a digital or service provider, you can now gain access to a whole new audience by partnering with MNOs. What’s more, you can advertise your services across different MNOs and reach people you never thought possible.

Are digital campaigns the Great Unknown? Do you find digital fraud even scarier? No more. With seamless integration and simplified subscription management, you’ll find—and, more importantly, get to keep—customers, by making their experience more fun and rewarding.

Speaking of customers, in emerging markets where much of the population is without a bank account, Direct Carrier Billing is their only means of online payment. With DCB, they can simply top up their pay-as-you-go bill and start spending. They also get access to personalized premium content on their phones, through an easy and safe subscription.

In Thailand, it worked a treat.

A great, recent example is in Thailand, where we are running digital acquisitions through the web with all the MNOs for their digital VAS.

All these make Upstream the ideal acquisition partner. With Grow, our one-stop-shop marketing automation platform, we can help you completely revolutionize your digital marketing efforts and gain a competitive edge, using state-of-the-art MarTech tools. Our strategy is based on rigorous and scientific campaign management—all the way from A/B testing to systematically adding traffic sources and optimizing campaigns. We have developed web campaigns not only for GDN, but also for YouTube, Line, TikTok etc. In addition to web, we constantly add and test new channels. As a result, we deliver, on average, more than 550k acquisitions every month. This ensures that both digital providers and MNOs receive excellent ROI. And by having a trust based and collaborative relationship we are able to drive acquisitions faster and better. That’s how we empower our clients’ digital marketing transformation.

Discover more on what we did for dtac, a leading mobile operator in Thailand.

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