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Upstream showcases how mobile marketing can lead e-commerce revenue to the next level at Fórum E-Commerce Brasil

The company’s mobile marketing platform drives an average 12x ROI for e-commerce stores, accelerating growth and establishing long term relationships between brands and customers.

São Paulo, Athens, – July 21, 2023 – Upstream, the leading martech company, will be participating in Fórum E-Commerce Brasil 2023, one of the largest e-commerce events in Latin America hosting over 21.5k professionals. The event will take place from July 25 to July 27 at Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo. The Upstream team will be at booth E31 showcasing their innovative mobile marketing platform, Grow, and how it accelerates digital growth for their partners by uplifting e-commerce revenue in just a matter of weeks.

Upstream at Forum E-Commerce Brasil 2023

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the full range of capabilities and solutions Upstream’s comprehensive mobile marketing platform offers to e-commerce retailers. Such capabilities include building customer databases or growing existing ones by collecting mobile phone numbers and emails, reaching out to customers through multiple digital and mobile channels, including SMS, RCS, WhatsApp and email, and recovering abandoned carts through automated retargeting campaings.

Having entered the Brazilian e-commerce market just over a year ago, Upstream has already garnered more than 30 clients, including renowned brands such as Ferrero, one of the world’s top chocolate brands, Jogê, a lingerie brand with over 60 stores across Brazil, Correbiz, the leading digital commerce agency in Latin America, DiGaspi, a popular fashion and footwear retailer, and healthy snack food provider, Flormel.

On average, Upstream’s e-commerce partners have been enjoying a 12x ROI by using Grow, as the platform enables them to turn 10% of their anonymous website visitors into opted-in users. These new contacts are then leveraged via broadcast messages communicating offers and seasonal sales like Black Friday and Christmas, and via smart-triggered messaging which enables the recovery of up to 17% of abandoned carts. As a result, companies using Grow generate a significant percentage of their total e-commerce revenue through mobile marketing, which might range from 7.5%, like in the case of Flormel, to up to 15%.

"We are thrilled for Upstream to be part of Fórum E-Commerce Brasil for the second year in a row. Last year we began offering our martech to e-commerce players. Now there are a lot of success cases that we can proudly share, providing proof that mobile marketing is the way to go", said Patrick Marquart, Upstream's Head of Enterprise Sales.

Patrick Marquart, Upstream’s Head of Enterprise Sales

"If there’s a learning we can share, it is that you can’t take a single road to succeed in e-commerce. Providing a smooth web experience is necessary, but not enough. Leveraging email is a must, but at some point, you will reach a plateau. Adding mobile messaging to the mix can help e-commerce stores reach the next level in revenue generation and customer loyalty, due to the immediacy and unparalleled open and engagement rates that channels like SMS possess. Of course, I understand marketers who feel skeptical about the amount of effort required for using so many different channels. The answer lies in using the right marketing technology, combining multi-channel orchestration, and marketing automation capabilities, all in one platform", Marquart concluded.


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